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Peter Smith, Managing Director of Policy, Strategy & Risk

Dubai Financial Services Authority

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Evolving an ecosystem of sustainable partnerships to drive innovation and transformation

The banking and financial industry is facing massive pressure to improvise their product and services owing to the new age market dynamics and technologies. To overcome their legacy models and stay relevant, banks must develop a sustainable ecosystem of partnerships to bring in the much-needed innovation and transformation with the necessary pace. 


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Developing a collaborative approach with FinTech to deliver a new age banking experience for the customers

The financial industry is hugely impacted by technology and “fintech” phenomenon has been widely accepted as a way ahead. In order to deliver the new age banking experience, collaboration with fintech organizations is a must and a broader consensus needs to emerge to collaborate to develop new business models.


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Blockchain Banking: Current Status of Future Banking

Banking is perceived to be most impacted industry by Blockchain. The value blockchain brings to the industry is projected to be massive and has the potential to change the landscape of traditional banking industry as we know. The session aims at assessing the current status of this future of banking and discuss future opportunities. 


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Big Data Analytics: A fundamental driver for digital disruption in the banking Industry

Data, the new oil, has been at the core of shaping the banking landscape worldwide and big data analytics is proven to be a big driver. The Big Data Analytics and emergence of new technologies has taken the industry forward and the session would discuss, how big data analytics has come along as a tool to revolutionize the financial industry.


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Developing the roadmap to usher in the new era of AI and ML to customize the customer experience and bring efficiency to overall operations

Artificial Intelligence is promising to bring in a new and different dimension to how the operations used to be in the banks. The session would discuss the AI applications in enhancing customer experience and engaging with the new age banking customer and bringing overall efficiency in the operations.


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Integrating AI and ML to develop Cyber Security and Risk Mitigation as a critical trust enabler and competitive edge in the digital age for the millennial consumer

With technology reshaping the legacy systems, risk mitigation has evolved. As cyber security and risk mitigation on whole needs to be addressed at a new level, introduction of AI and ML could be a critical trust enabler and differentiator.


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Digital Payments and Future of Banking

Digital payments have completely reshaped the way world transacts. The ease of mobile phones and online payments has enhanced the penetration of digital payments worldwide. The digital payment landscape is still evolving rapidly, and the session will throw the spotlight on the latest developments and challenges the industry should be ready for.    


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