Event Overview

250+ Regional banking, finance and technology leaders

25+ Thought leaders and Experts

5 In-depth forward-looking technology sessions on the future of banking

6 Hours of Networking

Technology shifts are happening more rapidly than ever before and constantly changing the way we live, work, eat, consume and spend. Technological changes have transformed every major aspect of our lives bringing forth convenience of online shopping and mobile banking, opportunities through gig and sharing economy, use of big data, efficiency of automation and machine learning, and the creation of new jobs among others.


The finance industry, like any other industry is going through unprecedented disruptions with emerging technologies presenting a fertile ground for innovations in every sphere of financial landscape from use of mobile money, peer to peer online lending, use of blockchain and big data, AI and Robotics, which is helping financial institutions to innovate their products and services for consumers.

With these transformations, financial institutions are also witnessing enhanced vulnerability from sophisticated cyber crimes or financial fraud which brings compliance at the forefront as extremely regulated industry and compliance practices should be recalibrated to welcome these emerging technologies to facilitate unbundling new business models as well as to utilize them to formulate new compliance strategies in the new digital age.


BME Summit presents through keynotes, interactive panels and tech showcase – vibrant debates, discussions and thought leadership on how Emerging technologies are carving finance to have more inclusive growth, challenges in scaling up and to reflect critically on the compliance role in integrating these technologies to shape a new era of finance.