Event Overview

150+ Regional banking, finance and technology leaders

30+ Thought leaders and technical experts

7 In-depth forward-looking technology sessions on the future of banking

6 Hours of Networking over multiple sessions

Dynamic technological changes are disrupting various industries across the board, and this includes the financial services sector. Banks have been undergoing monumental changes due to the exceedingly rapid pace of growth in technology. By 2025, 71% of the world’s population will have smartphones — this, together with increasing accessibility of the internet, means digital disruption is inevitable.


As the speed of change accelerates, financial institutions must be extremely agile to foresee and adjust to new technologies, consumer trends, complex regulations and the lack of a skilled workforce.


The most daunting task for banks is to maintain and increase their market share amidst growing competition from both the banking and non-banking sector.

Improved distribution strategies, efficient compliance practices, digital transformation, innovation and synergy with fintech organisations are some of the major areas for improvement.


Banker Middle East categorises this evolution into three elements: disruption, innovation and new frontiers. The summit will provide a comprehensive discussion on these fundamental themes, and how it has molded the financial services sector in the region.


Insightful case studies and presentations, networking opportunities, as well as interactive panel discussions will characterise the one-day summit.