• Peter Smith

    Managing Director of Policy, Strategy and Risk

  • Ahmad Abu Eideh

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sanjay Malhotra

    Chief Digital Officer

  • Ramana Kumar

    SVP & Head of Payments

  • Fahad Al Semari

    Chief Transformation Officer

  • Christopher Kiew-Smith

    Head of FinTech Strategy, Financial Services Regulatory Authority

  • Emre Karter

    Treasury and Trade Solutions Head

  • Yazeed Al-Khalifa

    VP – Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Wai-Lum Kwok

    Executive Director, Capital Markets - Financial Services Regulatory Authority

  • Anthony Butler

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Stefan Kimmel


  • Tristan Brandt


  • Devid Jegerson

    Head of Customer Experience

  • Mohamed Damak

    Senior Director & Global Head of Islamic Finance, Financial Services Research,

  • Marie-Line Ricard

    Blockchain & Crypto-assets Partner

  • P Venkatesh

    Director - Platforms & Solutions

  • Kelvin Tan

    Venture Lead - Nexus

  • Muraleedhar Pai

    Executive Director

  • Giselle Bou Ghanem

    Customer Engagement Solutions Sales Manager

  • Alaa AlRousan

    Account Director

  • Bhavin Shah

    Partner, Financial Services

  • Mirna Sleiman

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sonny Zulu

    Managing Director, Retail Banking

  • Adrianus Schoorl

    Local Partner

  • Muhammad Babar

    Head of Digital Compliance

  • Ahmed Mostageer

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Irina Heaver

    Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

  • Subramanian Krishnamurthy

    Head - Global Transaction Services

  • Mohamed Roushdy


  • Samia Skalli

    Financial Services Strategy & Innovation Manager

  • Jagadeshwaran Kothandapani

    MD - Cash Management Head, MENA, Turkey - Treasury and Trade Solutions